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My Minecraft Server Manager program aims to make managing, running and extending your Minecraft/Bukkit/Tekkit/etc. servers much easier and faster. Please see the feature list and screenshots below. This page will be updated with new developments of Minecraft Server Manager program. Please check back for new versions every so often.


Please see the Downloads page for the latest stable version.


The Main form

The World Map form


A screenshot highlighting key areas of my Minecraft Server Manager program.

  1. Server selection : The top box allows you to select which folder contains your Minecraft server folder. The program then detects any server folders and lists them in the lower box, or you can type in/browse for the server folder address directly. This is very helpful if you have multiple servers to manage and want to switch between them easily.
  2. Up-time scheduling : Set start and stop times and start/stop the timer running. When your local time hits the start time (+/- 15 mins, will work if started any time after start time).  Server will auto-start/auto-stop at these times. Very helpful if wanting to be away from the desk or leave the server running for friends till late in the night then stop for a backup :)
  3. World/Port/Jar selection : World files are auto-detected and added to the drop-down box (or you can type new name in manually for new world creation). Port is loaded from and list of server jar files is auto-detected from the name of the file. Recognises anything containing Minecraft server, Bukkit or Tekkit.
  4. Mod installer/Server Settings/World map : Additional forms. Server settings contains quick-options for easy editing along with full options list, black-list, white-list, ops and Ignore Commands (see Message Log info). Also contains tabs for Startup Script – list of commands to run in-order when the server is “Done” loading. Backups tab for managing manual and automated backups and backup restore.
  5. Standard Launch/Stop buttons for manual start/stop. 
  6. Logs and Live Maintenance : Full log, message log (including commands - flashes task bar when command is issued in-game. Add commands to the Ignore Commands server properties to prevent this for certain commands e.g. ignoring WorldEdit commands). Shows list of online players and auto-detects all player.dat files. Select a player then use a command and player name is auto-filled. Edit button allows viewing of player inventory and x/y/z co-ordinates (not actual editing).
  7. Default and Custom commands buttons : Default tabs now include *latest MC commands* including Scoreboard. Player name auto-filled from selection in boxes above. Add custom tab pages and type in commands to add custom buttons. Commands can even include parameters so that when you click the button, it asks for values! Format: "command fixed_value1 fixed_value2 [param name 1] [param name 2]. List command refreshes list of connected players.
  8. Web Interface : Allow your users to view a world map through their web browser. Set the port then give them your IP and the port and they can go and view a world map that is up to date within 30secs of last refresh (for player positions – 10 mins for blocks). This feature requires the application to be run with Admin Privileges.

Mapping Features

  1. Top-down view.
  2. Fairly fast : View large world in < 20 seconds.
  3. Shows player/mob/NPC locations
  4. Click anywhere to see what block type.
  5. Adaptive algorithm for faster loading.
  6. Top-down Redstone-only view (useful for viewing circuits) - Do not use with adaptive algorithm!
  7. Understands all 3 MC world file types.
  8. Update view even while still rendering (See: Render update %)
  9. Available through web interface to all players (can be disabled)

Documentation (Coming reasonably quickly...)


All help is welcome so please go to the People page and add yourself - even if it's just as a tester!

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