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A new version will be pushed soon fixing the version checking and for some bugs fixes. This will require a re-download due to the auto-updating won't work. This will be fixed very soon.


I have released a beta version for testing the new JVM Tweaks and some bug fixes if testing goes well a release will be made with the changes. (The auto updating may be fixed on this release, if not it will be the release after)

Download - Here


The Minecraft Server Manager program aims to make managing, running and extending your Minecraft/Bukkit/Tekkit/etc. servers much easier and faster. Please see the feature list and screenshots below. This page will be updated with new developments of Minecraft Server Manager program. Please check back for new versions every so often.



Please see the Downloads page for the latest stable version.


Full documentation and up-to-date feature lists can be found on the Documentation page.


(Coming Soon)


A screenshot highlighting key areas of my Minecraft Server Manager program.

  1. Server selection
  2. Up-time scheduling
  3. World/Port/Jar selection
  4. Mod installer/Server Settings/World map : Server Settings includes: general controls, all, black list, white list, commands to ignore list, Start Script, Backup Settings
  5. Standard Launch/Stop buttons for manual start/stop. Clear button for clearing the logs.
  6. Logs and Live Maintenance
  7. Default & Custom commands buttons : Defaults include *latest MC commands* including Scoreboard (see Scoreboard tab). Player name auto-filled from selected player when required.
  8. Web Interface : Allow your users to view world map through their web browser.


All help is welcome so please go to the People page and add yourself - even if it's just as a tester!

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