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For setting up and using the MC Server Manager program please see Getting Started.

Editing Server Settings

Once you have downloaded a copy of the Minecraft Server jar file you will probably want to run it once (through the MC Server Manager program) to create all the basic files including:

  • White-list.txt
  • Banned-players.txt
  • Ops.txt

And a few others :) All of the above files can be edited through the MC Server Manager "Server Settings" window . Additionally, the MC Server Manager will create a file called "ignore_cmds.txt" which is used to set which commands the server should ignore and not notify you (the server owner/admin) about. This can be useful if you want people to be able to use commands such as those for WorldEdit, without being disturbed. Note: The MC Server Manager will not block or undo commands, just notify you if they are used.

Opening the Server Settings window

To edit server settings you need to:

  1. Select a server (See Getting Started)
  2. Open the Settings window

To open the server settings window, click the Server Settings button (found in section 4. of Features list), as shown below:

Server Settings Button

Using the Server Settings window

Once open, the server settings window should look like this:

Server Settings window

Across the top are the tabs which correspond to the various files which can be edited. here is a summary:

  1. General : This provides a quick and easy way to edit the main file's values. The control restrict you to proper values for these fields meaning making mistakes is much harder.
  2. All : This provides direct access to the raw values in the file. Use this for editing fields which aren't on the General tab. You should not normally need this tab.
  3. Black list : This tab provides a way to edit the list of player names on the black-list (found in banned-players.txt). Do not add IP Addresses to this list. I have not found the IP Address ban-list useful and so it has not been included in the program to date.
  4. White list : This tab provides a way to edit the list of player names on the white-list (found in white-list.txt)
  5. Ops : This tab provides a way to edit the list of player names on the ops-list (found in Ops.txt)
  6. Ignore Cmds : This tab provides a way to edit the list of commands which the manager program should ignore (found in Ignore_cmds.txt).
  7. Startup Script : This tab allows you to create a list of commands that will be run in-order, top-to-bottom, when the server is “Done loading”. This allows initial game setup before people join such as Scoreboard setup.
  8. Backups : This tab allows you to view, create, restore and delete backups and also to manage how frequently backups are created and after what time they should be deleted. Defaults are: Backup every 15 mins; Delete after 2 hours. At least one backup will always be retained!

To save your changes simply click the red "X" button on the window and you will be asked if you want to save or not. Note: The Ignore Cmds entries should INCLUDE the "/" at the beginning of the command. For WorldEdit entries, put in the "//".

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