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It is assumed that you have downloaded a copy of the latest version of my MC Server Manager program from here and that your computer meets the minimum requirements.

Getting Started

Getting started with my MC Server Manager program is quick and easy. Just follow the few steps below and you'll have a working (default) server setup and running.

  1. Go to and download a copy of the minecraft_server.jar (this page)
  2. Create yourself a folder called "Minecraft Servers" on a local hard disk drive (e.g. your C:\ drive). Why not use a network drive? The MC server will have to read over the network which is much much slower causing game lag.
  3. Within this new folder you will create your minecraft server folders. For now, lets just create a basic server.
  4. Create a folder within "Minecraft Servers" called "Server1"
  5. Put the "minecraft_server.jar" into this folder.
  6. Do not run the server jar directly!
  7. Run my MC Server Manager program (again, have this stored on a local disk drive).
  8. Within the program, select the top-most "Browse..." button in the top-right corner.
  9. Select your "Minecraft Servers" folder and click OK.
  10. In the drop down box (2nd box from top), you should now see a list of the servers within your "Minecraft servers" folder. It should contain only "Server1" if you followed the instructions above.
  11. On the left hand side, click "Launch".
  12. You should see the log fill in with the usual MC server info. Voila! You have started your first basic MC server with my program!

Changing Settings

To change the settings of your server, stop your server then click the "Server Settings" button (top-right above Message Log box). Within the widnow that pops up are several tabs. The first tab is the standard options that you will want to edit. The second allows you direct access to all the file's keys/values. The other tabs are obvious (for Ignore Cmds tab, see later tutorials/documentation).

Viewing a world map

After playing on your server for a while, you may want to get an overview of the whole map or see where people are. To do this, you do not need to stop your server. After selecting a valid server folder and world name, click the "View world map" button. This should show you a map of the whole world within about 15 to 20 seconds depending on the size of your map. Click anywhere on the map to see what type of block it is in the key. 1 pixel = 1 block.

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p0wd3r Aug 30, 2013 at 6:36 PM 
When there are multiple servers, I am not able to start/stop them individually, nor am I able to administer any of them except the server that is selected in the "server folder" bar. Is there something I am doing wrong?