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For setting up and using the MC Server Manager program please see Getting Started.

Output Panels

The MC Server Manager contains 3 main output panels:

  1. Full Log
  2. Message Log
  3. Players lists

The full log contains all the text which the MC Server outputs – nothing is excluded at any time unless a connection to the Java.exe process is lost – though how this would happen without it having been a crash I have no idea…

The message log contains a filtered list of messages. It shows no output until the server says it is “Done” loading. After that it shows user messages, any commands being run, any messages specifically for the server operator e.g. “Backup complete” messages and a few other bits too. This can be very helpful to keep track of what is going on since it strips out all the extra text (apart from the time) which MC Server wraps it in. This includes stripping wrapping text which many mods add unnecessarily.

The Players lists output panel contains two lists : Connected Players and All Players.

  • Connected Players is updated as users log in and log out. If the list becomes out of sync with the MC Server, running the List command will cause it to fully refresh from the MC Server.
  • The All Players list is loaded when the server initially starts from all the player_name.dat files in the server folder and also updated as users log in.

If you select a player in the Connected list or All Players list (former takes priority), then any required player name in a command will be auto-filled (when using default command buttons).

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